When you first hear the word “pookie,” it might seem unusual, but it’s actually a cute way for people to refer to their loved ones. When you call someone you love deeply, such a friend, partner, or child, you are expressing a lot of warmth and love. Discover more about this unusual nickname, its usage, and other terms of affection you can choose to use for your special someone by reading on.

What does Pookie mean?

A term of endearment used to describe anything charming is “pookie.”

“Pookie” is a cute moniker that some people might give to something or someone they think is really cute and lovely, just like honey, sweetie, and darling.[1]

  • The term “pookie” has been around for a while, but because people on TikTok have been using it to refer to their loved ones and pets, it has gained even more traction.
  • There are other equally adorable versions of “Pookie,” including “pookie-wookie” and “pookie bear.”

How to Use Pookie in Conversation

Refer to your partner as “pookie” with fondness.

Terms of endearment are quite common in dating and marital relationships. Try calling that particular someone in your life “pookie” and see whether they enjoy it. Just remember that expressions of endearment are typically used for private chats between couples, so calling your significant other a “pookie” in public may make them feel a little uncomfortable.

  • “Pookie, where are you? I really did miss you!
  • Hello, sweetie bear I hope you’re having an amazing day!
  • “Pookie, you’ve been working so hard recently. I’m so happy for you.

Make a flirtatious call to your crush, “pookie.”

When you talk to your crush or flirt with them via text, start referring to them as “pookie” to give them a small boost of confidence and let them know how much you think they’re cute. With any luck, they’ll pick up on it and perhaps even give you a fun moniker of your own!

  • What’s up with my Pookie today? As if I haven’t seen you in a long time 
  • “Many thanks, Pookie. I know I can rely on you at all times!
  • “Hi Pookie! You’ve been on my mind nonstop this day.

Give a fun nickname, such as “pookie,” to a close buddy to show them some affection. When friends use expressions of endearment, they usually do so in a lighthearted or playful manner.

  • Has your pookie-wookie had a difficult day? You need not worry; I can make you feel better.
  • I’m grateful, Pookie Bear  Without you, I don’t know what I would do.
  • “Pookie, you are missed. When can we get together to hang out?

Give your pet the nickname “pookie.”

Pet owners adore giving their furry companions a plethora of imaginative and adorable nicknames. How about including “pookie” in the list? If you believe it describes your pet, you may even choose to give them the official name “pookie”!

  • “Aw, what a nice boy my Pookie is!”
  • “Is Pookie up for a treat?”
  • “My Pookie is incredibly gifted! He is capable of giving a handshake

Give your kid the endearing nickname “pookie.”

As a means to express their love and affection, many parents like giving their kids adorable nicknames. For really cute infants and toddlers, this is a really appropriate moniker.

  • “Pookie, you really are the cutest, don’t you?”
  • Our first child was born last month. Our little Pookie is her.
  • “My adorable pookie bear. I really adore you so much!”

The Meaning Of Pookie

As we previously discussed, the term “pookie” refers to a term of affection that one may use to describe someone they love or care about very much, and it can also refer to a pet.

This statement can be used as a romantic allusion or just as a loving reference because there is no hard and fast rule regarding who or what exactly qualifies as its usage. You might therefore characterize not just your partner but also your kids and animals as pookies.

Someone who is called “pookie” is someone who is very dear to you and has a particular place in your heart.

It’s crucial to remember that the term “pookie” can also have a more sinister connotation, one that refers to a crack cocaine user. Pookies are another term for “crackheads.”

How did the Pookie couple meet?

When Campbell was a flight attendant and Jett was a graduate student, they first crossed paths. In a TikTok posted on January 11, Jett said, “I just started talking to the prettiest girl at a wine bar in Philadelphia.” “Two days later, we were inseparable.”

When did the Pookie couple get married?

According to Campbell’s blog, the couple became engaged just ten months after meeting, and they were married on April 14, 2018. She and Jett purchased an Atlanta home at the same period.

What is Pookie’s job?

Campbell writes for her fashion blog You Should Wear That in addition to her TikTok channel. Her LinkedIn page states that she was employed by American Airlines as a flight attendant prior to that.

What does Pookie’s husband do for a living?

According to his LinkedIn page, Jett works in the dental sector in mergers and acquisitions. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from the University of Georgia, he went on to the University of Pennsylvania to obtain a master’s degree in business administration and a Juris Doctor degree.


Pookie is a feeling rather than just a word. It’s a time-tested gesture of closeness, warmth, and compassion that has changed and adapted to the digital era. Knowing its rich history and meaning enhances its utilization, whether you hear it in a conversation or come across it on social media. Hence, maybe Pookie will be the first word that springs to mind the next time you have an intense romantic feeling.