Devon Isaak Turner, famously known as Punchmade Dev, was born in Lexington, Kentucky, on October 16th, 2000. He is an American rapper, artist, entrepreneur, producer, actor, director, and investor. He is the son of Kaleezus and Jayda and has four siblings: two sisters and two brothers. Dev’s mother has been among his most prominent supporters and has featured in some of his music.

The 24-year-old rapper is primarily renowned for his inventive approaches to using social media, video games, and technology to grow his fan following. He is the founder and primary member of PUNCHMADE RECORDS. He spent his childhood moving from city to city, which includes Houston, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Kentucky. However, they finally settled in Lexington with his mother. 

In high school, Dev struggled academically and instead became interested in YouTube video editing and watching. Devon’s public identity has been built on an array of custom-made, extravagantly gaudy necklaces coated in both outrageous and revolutionary diamonds. Two necklaces have information on Punchmade’s origins, while another seems to be a plain old Bitcoin coated in diamonds and gold.

Early Life and Education

Dev is currently a student at the State University of New York at Morrisville. He has always found inventive methods to interact with technology and video games. Since Punchmade was in school, he has also had a penchant for fashion. He always tried to be the best dressed, planning his wardrobe the day before. 

The six-foot-five Turner played football, basketball, and track in high school. Still, he eventually developed an obsession with playing the video game NBA 2K17 and grew a fan base by posting videos of himself playing the game competitively online.

His hobbies are singing and listening to music, and he was influenced by artists like Biggie, Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, 2Pac, and Chief Keef. However, he realized that being a rapper was a challenging feat. Like everyone else, Punchmade Dev has his favorite colors, which are blue and black for him. Punchmade weighs 180 pounds, and his hair and eye color are black.


When in school, Dev wanted to be a rapper but gave up music to concentrate on making YouTube game videos. He was able to amass 100,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel in less than a year. Eventually, the desire to pursue a career as a musician caused him to lose interest in making YouTube game videos. 

After being inspired by YouTube gamer YBN Nahmir, who rose to fame with his song Rubbin Off The Paint, he left the platform. Dev realized all it takes to be a rapper is self-belief and hard work. He used the money he made from his YouTube channel to purchase recording studio equipment.

He is recognized for popularizing scam rap, a subgenre of hip-hop. Apart from writing several songs about fraud, he also made videos, including “Wire Fraud Tutorial,” which gathered millions of views on social media.

He started Punchmade Records after record labels canceled his career for the second time. He founded the record label in 2021 after the success of his track “Internet Swiping” and the follow-up track “Anonymous Activity.” On his 21st birthday, he released his debut album, UNDEFEATED. Dev engineers create and edit their own instrumentals and music videos.


Punchmade Dev’s eclectic career has brought him numerous honors and recognition in a short amount of time. He is well known for his outgoing personality and sense of style. Posting gaming videos, he earned over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube in less than a year. 

Punchmade Dev received coverage from prestigious publications, including Yahoo, Disrupt Magazine, and countless others, for his achievements and music. He has released one album, UNDEFEATED, which had fourteen tracks:

  • Wallah.
  • Favorite Runner.
  • Punch Day.
  • Family Tree.
  • Shooter Story.
  • Trump Money.
  • Gate Code.
  • Krispy Punch.
  • Super Hero.
  • Ric Bum.
  • Penny Pincher.
  • Fake Swiper.
  • Expensive Habits.
  • Money Counter.

Punchmade Dev has also released other singles. Currently, his net worth is estimated to be at 2 million dollars.


Punchmade Dev, a rapper and social media star, is best known for his eye-catching videos promoting the virtues of living a life of cybercrime. Punchmade has used the success of songs like “Internet Swiping” and “Million Dollar Criminal,” which have garnered millions of views, to sell instructional videos on how to conduct financial crimes online. 

However, there hasn’t been any evidence lately to suggest he was genuinely engaging in the cybercrime activities he advocates in his songs. This changed when he made a controversial mix/rap called “Wire Fraud Tutorial.” The video was taken down from YouTube because it violated the site’s rules. 

Punchmade released a statement saying that the video was removed from YouTube due to a legal process request from law enforcement. In his defense, Dev said that he was not trying to teach people to commit wire fraud; he was trying to educate his fans on avoiding being victims.

However, the song makes it difficult to decipher how to avoid being a victim since it is a step-by-step guide to committing wire fraud. The state where there was no evidence incriminating him changed when he started promoting an online market where people could buy:

  • Details of hacked bank accounts.
  • Stolen credit cards.
  • Software that generates counterfeit checks and fake identity data.

The compromised accounts with large sums allegedly sold on the illicit market include: 

  • Cash App.
  • Linkable CC.
  • PayPal.
  • Chime.
  • Wu.

According to Krebson Security, users could obtain login information for Cash App accounts with balances ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 for around $80. When ordering an item labeled “Fullz + Linkable CC,” buyers received:

  • A social security number with a credit score of at least 700.
  • A linkable credit card.
  • An ID card (both front and back).


Punchmade Dev’s greatest achievements lie in his ability to rapidly build a massive following and attain wealth and fame at a very young age through leveraging technology, social media, and provocative marketing tactics. Despite starting just as a gaming YouTuber, by age 24, he had amassed over 100,000 subscribers in under a year and subsequently pivoted to pioneer the “scam rap” music genre.

His controversial music videos glorifying cybercrime racked up millions of views and enabled him to launch his record label, Punchmade Records. His debut album, UNDEFEATED, contained 14 tracks, and his lucrative custom diamond-encrusted jewelry line exemplified his flashy personal brand.

While his methods courted legal scrutiny, Punchmade Dev’s impact stemmed from his adept use of new media platforms and disruptively pushing boundaries to market himself. By age 24, he had achieved a reported $2 million net worth and coverage in major publications, an impressive feat highlighting how youthful creativity coupled with technology can rapidly amplify one’s influence in today’s digital era.