Barbara Roufs was a trophy girl on an  American drag race, who brought life to car races, a model, and an Aspiring media personality for young girls. She distinguishes herself from other Trophy girls due to her outstanding physique, beauty,  and age which was 29 at that time, She was A Remarkable young lady her name will live on the Legend list. Barbara is one of the most stunning sportspeople who inspired the car racing competition.

Barbar’s Profile

Full NameBarbara Roufs
NicknameRacing Trophy Girl
Height5.5’ 165cm
Weight55kg, 119 pounds
Hair colorBrown
Eye ColourBrown
Body MeasurementIn Inch   32-25-32 In Cm    81-64-81
DiedJanuary 1991 (Age 47 at the time of death)

Early Life:

Barbara Roufs was born in southern California, United States in 1944. he grew up in California and spent most of the time of her childhood. After completing her studies she found an interest in drag racing. But instead of being a raised driver, she became a trophy girl.


There is no such information related to her education is available or known, but it is said to be that she completed her School studies.


She was the daughter of Wayne Eldon Riley (father) and Thelma Ruby Riles ( Mother). Her mother met her husband In 1942 and married him in 1947. Her mother worked at a beauty salon in Clovis for 50 years. She was the organist for the church of the Nazarene Calvary Bible (Bullard), Baptist Valley Bible, And Grace Baptist Church. She passed away after Barbara died in 2005.

Her father was a motorcycle racer at the Kearney Bowl. He had a houseboat on McClure Lake where he took his family on vacation. He likes fishing.  Barbara’s parents were the first couple to get inducted into the Clovis Hall of Fame.

She had three biological siblings and one adopted brother. Ben Gube is her adopted brother, and her siblings are Vivian Deaton, Bruce Riley, and James Riles.

Professional Career:

Barbara’s work in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a drag racing Trophy girl. During this ERA, drag racing events became increasingly popular. With newer and more important vehicles ruling the field. Barbara’s present as a trophy girl added glamor and excitement to these events, Earning her the reputation of being one of the most below figures in Southern California Drag Racing

At Orange  County International Raceway, she was crowned as the winner of the sixth annual U.S. professional dragster Championship. She was also the Professional Dragster Association’s 1973 queen.

Despite being older Barbara was a favorite among the competitors and audience. Because of her attractiveness, she was also favored by Producers and other companies looking to market their goods to drag racing enthusiasts. Barbara’s image was frequently seen in promotional magazines and t-shirts as a result. She was well-acknowledged for bringing life to the drag races. She had a significant role in the transformation of drag racing from the golden era of the 1960s to the 1970s. In addition, racers were switching out their outdated models for newer models with more powerful engines. She gave the winners their prizes. However, it was her remarkable appearance that elevated her to fame in the PDA.

Marriage and Relationship:

She was married and had one child whom she welcomed at 29. She has enjoyed a healthy life with her family who shared many good memories. Barbra’s daughter is Jet Dougherty, but she only came to the LimeLight after Tom West A legendary photographer, posted the old photos of Roufs in her earliest days as a trophy girl. Jet spoke fondly of her mum and how she lived a happy and exciting life.

She explained how well-known and adored her mother was. She claimed her mother would be proud to see her images, even though she was astonished to see them posted online because they captured some of her happiest days and greatest memories. Jet further verified that her mom passed away in January 1991.

Cause of Death

The cause of Death was suicide. But the reason for committing suicide was not Apparent She was 47 when she died. Before her death, she lived with her family in Francisco California United States

Net Worth:

Throughout the 1970s Barbara worked as a model and as a trophy girl for Drag Racing. The amount of money trophy girls received was unknown at the time. She made her profits from her salary, online sales are made for a few of Barbara’s Roufs’ well-known 1970s images. An estimate of her net worth is 1.5 million dollars.


In conclusion, she was not mainly a trophy girl, she was a trailblazer who gave the American drag racing scene a special mix of glamor and excitement. Her remarkable career as a model and media personality left a lasting impression on the racing world garnering her a great deal of respect and fondness. Barbara passed away unexpectedly in 1991 yet her legacy lives on and is warmly remembered. Her influence reaches beyond the Race Course reminding everyone who knew her of the happiness and kindness she bestowed upon them. In the history of drag racing Barbara Roufs will always be rewarded as a legendary figure whose name is linked to Grace, Beauty, and the excitement of competition