The story starts at Jani Barrett, the wife of the Theodore Barrett, who died in a car accident in Fairfax County, Virginia. Janie was a super woman, established a Barrett Foundation and committed to promoting community education and development. She also served as the Director of the Communications Council for the National Women’s Business Council and showed his commitment to public services and empowerment. In real tragedy, Iron expression provided by the Onion’s news complex layer of narrative. This represents an image of Theodore Barrett as like he, provides a cold and seems to be emotionless to the death of his wife, and changes the way to the political agendas quickly. This leads to confusion among viewers, some of them confused with real events, highlighting the bending line between ridicule and reality, and raises the outlook for general numbers to express their discussion.

Viral By The Onion

The satirical news website The Onion is the creator of the fictitious story ofthe character Janie Barrett. Through social media, electronic media, and newspapers, she was shown everywhere as the wife of Theodore Barrett, former press secretary of the White House. At the press conference, Barrett falsely disclosed by giving details about made up persona (fictitious character “Janie Barrett,” wife of Barret) that she had died in a car accident. Although Janie starkly contrasts the historical record, death is still a painful event that can affect us.

Janie Barretts’ Biography?

The video of Theodore Barrett, a fictional White House Deputy Press Secretary, laughing and interviewing 24 hours after the loss of his wife is a fack report of The Onion, which is satirical and spurious reporting. Although, unfortunately, there is not a lot of helpful info about Janie Barrett, Janie Barret is a fictitious written autobiography. Satire towards this forced lie in the video is its primary function, and satirical website uses this term to educate people about this lastly satirical brand. The non-existent character of a White House Deputy Press Secretary is widely known as Theodore Barrett.

The Truth Behind Car Accident Theodore Barrett’s Wife

The death of press secretary white house Theodore Barrett’s wife, which has captivated society’s attention at this time, will temporarily distract the audience from the trial proceedings. In the first place, many people have been following the video of the speaking session, which was made a short while after the multi-vehicle accident.

The husband, who recently lost his wife, Janie Barrett, apparently overran her demise and switched to the mainstream immediately, where he didn’t show any apparent signs of sadness or remorse for that passing in this video. Nevertheless, the case should be underscored that Theodore Barrett, his family life, and his auto accident case have nothing to do with reality.

Deputy Secretary White House, Theodore Barrett

The latest news story emerged as a fake video of Deputy Press Secretary Theodore Barrett, who is talking about his wife’s death in a Car accident, went viral, taken from The Onion spoof news website. Nevertheless, while The Onion invented the character as humorous, Theodore Barrett is also a fictitious role. Thus, everything related to him, such as his personality or the history he experiences, cannot be the actual character.

The reality of the Press Secretary White House, Theodore Barrett’s Wife’s Car Accident and Death

We do not see how Theodore Barrett looks, but he was not the deputy press secretary for the White House. A satirical news website named The Onion initially invented a pseudonymous newscaster called Theodore Barrett. Barrett has no office work or other jobs in the White House or government agencies. A Make-Believe President made up by The Onion, a parody news site, Theodore Barrett, does not have an authentic wife. This is The Onion because notice that it is a newspaper in turn.

What Caused Janie Barrett’s Death?

As for many of the people who The Onion made up the name of the United States’s White House deputy press secretary Theodore Barrett, believe it or not. We cannot know what happened to Jane Barrett or how it influenced Theodore and his condition since there are no historical records or evidence that she exists.

This is an impostor whom The Onion had satirically made the video that claimed that his late wife had been performed at a Press Conference by Theodore Barrett.

Arrangements of the records of the event of Theodore Barrett’s Wife’s Accident

In the recordings made about that, you will see at the 2008 conference about 3 hours after the death of the wife of Theodore Barrett, Deputy Press Secretary of The White House, again. Whether his wife has just died or not, his care is that he quickly begins talking about the purpose of his responsibilities as a deputysecretary.

Upon a question about his children, he said that they were in the hospital, where one of them was dying, and another had passed before. Kenneth was asked by the media if there was anyone he needed help from or to talk to, and he replied jokingly that he could not go on crying anymore because his time now belonged to The country.

Moreover, he stated that he, other reporters in the room, and the photographers had obligations to handle and wanted to continue with the scheduled things. However, Tasha is the only reporter who tries to interview him personally about his loss. Billy only tries to be a gentleman and avoids answering the question, which does not indicate that he cannot speak about his feelings.

Many were the persons, people being among, that deemed it to be a real story. It is a satirical news item that The Onion made, and although it can seem a bit nasty, it is. His Excellency is a member of the media house’s crew; radio and he are in the video.

Established in the USA, Onion is a humorous news portal and site that runs and tests the news from countries, the world, and the neighborhood. As a beginning they began publishing in 1988 and, up to date, are doing the publishing work to this moment. 1996 TIME was one of the first to enter internet journalism with its first magazine.

There is a chance that those news items they post online are not factual; notwithstanding, the aim of fake news they wish to disseminate is not to reel off or manipulate the audience by presenting misinformation. Instead, they seek to educate their audience about their satirical brand. The satire helps them to do that – they want to tell the audience the truth. Besides this, they carried out the same operation involving the video that Theodore had filmed.


As the finality says, the lady whom Theodore Barrett had lost their life is a near issue, and one needs to know what’s real and what’s fiction. Janie Barrett did get killed in a tragic, terrible vehicle accident that happened in 2008; notwithstanding, it is factual that there has never been another accident in recent times that resulted in her death. Thus, good practice should always be in terms of fact-checking as well as the sources have to be credible to disseminate news online.