In March 2022 a disturbing video went viral which shook the social media users to the core. The video was about an altercation of a 13 year old teen by her friends. The abuser includes Rynisha Grech, a 15 year old social media star. The famous media star became a serious topic of discussion after the incident. It was heart breaking and shocking at the same time for her followers. Two other friends participated in this heinous act with Rynisha Grech, Shanaya Grech and Chloe Denman. After the video went viral, police stepped in and the matter was investigated deeply. Keep reading the article to know what happened to the abuser and where she is now.

Age, Religion, Ethnicity

Rynisha Grech is a 15 year old teenage girl. She belongs to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She was born in 2008. She is a student and a social media star. Rynisha is trying her luck in modeling as she is very active in social media and posts her latest pictures regularly. She had done her High schooling from Elanora State High school. She lives with her parents in Australia. Rynisha and her family follow Christianity and she belongs to a mixed ethnicity. However it’s hard to find any more personal information about Rynisha Grech yet. 

Rynisha comes to the news after her video got viral assaulting a 13 year old friend with her friends. The video leads to the arrest of her along with her friend. Once the video caught the eyes of the viewers, Rynisha demanded to be punished severely. 

Net Worth

Rynisha Grech’s net worth is $100k. She is a social media star. Her net worth comes from the paid advertisement she gets in her social media channels. 


Rynisha was born in Brisbane, Queensland,  Australia. It’s quite possible that she had done her pre-school from Queensland. Moreover she is a High school graduate from Elanora State High School. As per report she was pursuing her current studies in The Queensland University of technology after her high school. 


Rynisha and her parents reside in Queensland, Australia. The qualification and profession of her parents is still unknown. Rynisha might have a sister Shanaya Grech who is also a suspect in the assault case. But it’s still not confirmed.


Rynisha is committed but her boyfriend’s identity  is yet to be reaveled.

Rynisha’s sleepover with friends 

Rynisha along with her friends arranged a sleepover. Where they invited their friend, a 13 year old teenage girl named Kirra Halt. The video of the sleepover night took over the social media the next day as the activities going on that video was hard to proceed for the viewers. As all the girls come along for the sleepover, Kirra was unaware of the fact that her other friends have different plans for her that night. They took all her stuff and started their heinous act.

 The video shows inhuman torture and assault of 13 year old Kirra Halt. Kirra was not only physically but also mentally tortured for around 4 long hours. The violence included knives and sharp objects which caused serious injuries to the victim. Kirra was punched again and again and sometimes even tied up. Their hatred was so limitless that they didn’t even hesitate to apply a knife on her, the three asulters cut her and threw glass bottles on her. Kirra was also being head stomped. The tortures Rynisha Grech, Shanaya Grech and Chloe Denman planned and implemented such an insane act. As per the reports Rynisha was the one who shamelessly caused physical harm to Kirra. The next day when the video reached the right viewers, police were informed. 

After Rynisha’s video went viral 

Next day the video was shared enough that it reached the hands of the police. The viewers of such an unbelievable incident were all worked up to punish such inhuman assilters. Police were called and the three torturers were arrested. As per the reports the perpetrators themselves uploaded the video. For them it must be a fun act and a content to gain more views. However, whatever happened next was not as fun as the previous night. 

They were taken to the jail and people demanded harsh punishment to each and every girl included. Kirra was severely injured and hospitalized for many days. She was harmed mentally as much as physically. It was later known that the discouraging act was done due to some earlier argument Kirra had with her so-called friends. And they attempted to take revenge in this way.

Current status of the case

Rynisha Grech and Chloe Denman were arrested and were locked in jail. Moreover the other friend Shanaya Grech was not arrested as she was not visible in the viral video.  However according to the recent update it is said that Rynisha and Chloe are now out on bail and being released on warning and fine. Their parents bailed them and accepting their age they aren’t eligible for further serious punishment. 

Such a news again raised an uproar among the social media users and netizens. It further questions the protection of public rights in Australia. Won’t they take any strong action against such a disgusting activity? People are now worried about the future of this generation where some teenage so -called influencers, can perform such a shameful and dangerous act to take revenge from friends and post it on social sites in hope of likes and shares.