Randy Chrisley is the brother of Todd Chrisley. Most of you must have known Todd Chrisley as the leading person in the popular TV series Chrisley Knows the best. Todd has gained popularity as a real estate tycoon who has reached  amazing heights of success with his hard work and sharp mindset. However, Todd’s brother Randy had some other plans. He didn’t follow his brother’s footsteps and tried to make his own path in his same career. Keep on reading the article for more hidden information about Randy Chrisley and other members of Chrisley family. 


Randy Chrisley is famous as the brother of real estate tycoon Todd Chrisley. He was born in 1969 on August 28 in Westminster, South Carolina, USA. He was born and brought up with his siblings and brother there. Randy’s parents are, father, Gene Raymond Chrisley and mother, Faye Chrisley. He grew up with brothers Todd Chrisley and Derrick Chrisley. Unfortunately, the Chrisley family has lost Derrick. Randy’s grandparents are Leonard A. Chrisley ( grandfather) and Allie Mae Childers Chrisley (grandmother). Chrisley was an American born and hence his nationality is American. He follows Christianity and belongs to caucasian ethnicity. He is a Virgo. At present Rendy is divorced and single, having two children with his ex- wife. As of 2024 he is 53 years old. 

Net Worth

As of 2023, Randy Chrisley has a net worth of around $100000. 

However his real estate tycoon brother Todd has a net worth of $5 million. That’s quite surprising to know. This incident happened because in 2012, Todd was insolvent having $4.2 million in assets and in debt of around $50.

Early life

Randy Chrisley was born in Westminster, South Carolina, USA. He spent his childhood days with his parents and two brothers, Todd Chrisley and Derrick Chrisley. Sadly, he couldn’t spend much time with his little brother Derrick as his little brother died just after 4 months of his birth. Randy completed his high schooling from West Oak High School. 

 In the later years in 2014, Randy was diagnosed with cancer, he was at stage four and needed to get hospitalized as soon as possible. His big brother Todd was there for him wholeheartedly. He supported him with all he got and finally saved his brother from that feeble condition. He was treated with camo therapy and fortunately he became well in no time. By god’s grace he is healthy and living a happy life now. 


Randy Chrisley attended West Oak High School during his high school days. Little is known about his further studies. However, he might have attended any nearby institution in America for future education. 


Randy’s wealthy and happy family consists of his parents and real estate tycoon brother Todd Chrisley. Randy’s family became known to people with the TV series, Chrisley Knows the best. His famous brother was one of the most important faces on that show. Randy also grew to popularity when appeared on that series. Randy Chrisley is a father of two children with his ex partner. His son is named Gabe Chrisley and daughter Amber Chrisley. Later he married again to Pamela Chrisley but the marriage didn’t last long and soon they got separated.


Randy was married to Pamela Chrisley but he already had two children with ex partner before married Pamela. However his marriage didn’t last long and in 2016 they divorced. Moreover Pamela and Randy’s relationship ended on a ugly note as their divorce was surrounded with many controversies. According to Randy’s brother Todd, Pamela wanted to extort a lot of money from Chrisley because of their separation. Chrisley’s family stayed behind and let law handle the situation. Fortunately, later Pamela got under arrest in 2016 on March 4 for involvement in extortion and harassment. However, she is out on bail now. 


Randy Chrisley is a real estate agent. Unlike his brother he isn’t a big name in the real estate world. However he has his own way of handling things and must be enjoying a smooth career as an agent of real estate. However, Randy was also involved in a scandal which made a topic of another controversy once. Randy was arrested for shoplifting in 2016. The incident took place in South Carolina where he was seen shoplifting candies worth $22 from a general store. The store staff caught him doing such an act and reported it to the police immediately. Later on he was arrested as police found many candy bags filling his pants. This incident gained a lot of attention from the Chrisley fans. The act was truly embarrassing as no one can ever think that a member of sucha repitated and rich family can commit such a crime. However he was arrested by the police that day but later on released also.