Laura Marie Holtzmann is the daughter of renowned American author,speaker, and televangelist Joyce Meyer and her husband, Dave. Holtzmann herself is an influential author, educator, evangelist, and TV personality. She has three siblings, two brothers and a sister. Her net worth is reported to be quite substantial.


Laura Marie Holtzmann was born to Joyce and Dave Mayer on April 5, 1968. Her mother is the founder and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries, a nonprofit Christian organization devoted to preaching the gospel and spreading the teachings of Christ. Her father, Dave Meyer, an engineering draftsman by profession,serves as the organization’s vice president.

Holtzmann has two brothers, David Meyer and Daniel B. Meyer, and a sister, Sandra Ellen McCollom. All four siblings have joined their parents in Christian evangelism and are engaged in the ministry in various capacities.

Holtzmann is currently 55 years old and will turn 56 later in 2024.

Family Life

Laura Marie was born in California in 1968.Being the eldest, she helped her mother raise her younger siblings. As a teenager, she worked actively in her mother’s ministry and has continued to do so throughout her adult life.

Holtzmannwas very chaotic and disorderly in her teen years. She used to live an ‘unorganized’ life, always strewing her belongings around the house and then scrambling to find them at the last minute. As an adult, however, she has calmed down greatly and become more disciplined and orderly. In an interview, her father, Dave, describes her as a phlegmatic person who often helps her mother keep things organized.


Laura Marie received her primary education at a nearby high school and pursued her higher education at a Christian college in California. She is reported to have been an attentive and hardworking student.


Holtzmann is well-known thanks to her mother’s fame. Joyce Meyer is a household name in Christian evangelism and philanthropy. She has achieved immense success as a television, radio, and literary personality. Meyer hosts a TV and radio show called ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’ and is the global head of Joyce Meyer Ministries. She is a bestselling author and has written almost 100 fictional and nonfictional books. She also publishes a free quarterly magazine titled ‘Enjoying Everyday Life Magazine’.

Meyer is a rape victim. Growing up, she was raped by her father, a military veteran. Her first husband often cheated on her and convinced her to steal payroll checks while working as an accountant for an auto dealership firm in the 1970s. She admitted that she returned the stolen money years later. She is also a breast cancer survivor.

Meyer married her second husband, Dave, in 1967. In 1993, he encouraged her to start a television ministry. The program initially began broadcasting as ‘Life in the World’ on several channels. Later retitled ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’, the program is still airing today.


Holtzmann is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She is the same height as her famous mother. Her father is taller, at 6 feet.


Laura Marie weighs around 110 pounds and has an athletic build. Her mother weighs 58 kg and remains healthy and fit at the age of 80.


Born in 1968, Laura Marie Holtzmann will turn 56 this year.


Holtzmann’s birthday falls in April.


Laura Marie is an American national. Her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Net Worth

Laura Marie’s net worth remains unknown as of 2023. She has not published or disclosed any details about her gross earnings or income. Holtzmann earns a living from her career as a TV actress and speaker. She has a number of side businesses, but detailed information is not available. She is also expected to inherit from her parents, making her a wealthy businesswoman in her own right.

While discussing Holtzmann’s net worth, it is worth mentioning the media scrutiny her parents’fortune has garnered. Joyce Meyer has a net worth of $8 million as of 2023. She enjoys an extravagant lifestyle, something she has received criticism for.

In 2003, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a prestigious newspaper based in Saint Louis, Missouri, published details of Meyer’s financial assets and excessive spending.According to the Dispatch, the Meyers own a $10 million corporate jet, a $107,000 Mercedes sedan, a$105,000 Crownline boat, a $2 million home, and houses worth $2 million belonging to their four children. The family’s organization, Joyce Meyer Ministries, is headquartered in a state-of-the-art, red-brick building spread across 158,000 sq. feet. It is furnished with fixtures, artware, and equipment worth nearly $5.7 million. The entire family, including the children’s spouses, receives salaries from the ministry.

Following this unwelcome disclosure of her finances, Meyer announced a reduction in the $900,000 paycheck she had been drawing annually from the ministry and that she would instead retain royalties on her books sold in retail outlets like Amazon, Walmart, and bookshops.

In light of all these revelations, it may be understood that Laura Marie is extremely well-off and leads a life of luxury.


Holtzmann is an evangelist and public speaker by profession. She is actively involved in the family’s ministry, Joyce Meyer Ministries. Along with her siblings, Holtzmann is engaged in the activities of ‘Hand of Hope’, the missions outreach arm of the ministry.

Holtzmannwas also on the ministry’s board of directors at one point. Ministry officials have stated that she has since resigned, though her name is still listed as a board member in state records. She now apparentlylives a quiet life awayfrom the limelight.

Relationship Status

Despite being the daughter of an influential Christian author and a public figure in her own right, Laura Marie has kept her personal life largely private. It is unknown whether she is married, in a relationship, or engaged to someone. As with all famous personalities, there have been rumors of Holtzmann’s dating history, but nothing concrete is known. She has always been notoriously tight-lipped regarding her private life. However, entertainment news publisher FamousNoted reported that she is married to a wealthy tycoon and resides with him in a luxurious house in Saint Louis.

Social Media

As mentioned above, Laura Marie is fiercely guarded about her personal life. She is not active on any major social media networks. She may have a private account that only her trusted circle of family and friends can access. Her mother, Joyce, on the other hand, has active Instagram and Twitter accounts. Meyer’s ministry also has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Holtzmann frequently features in her mother’s Instagram posts.