Kristin Grannis is the mother of Jamie Foxx’s daughter and  Jamie’s ex-girlfriend. Jamie Foxx is a well known American singer, actor and comedian. Kristin is famously known for her relationship with the celebrity actor. Besides being Jamie’s ex, she is a highly educated and a certified therapist.  She helps many people dealing with depression, anxiety and traumas. 

The couple were together around a year and later welcomed a daughter after dating for a while. Their relationship was secret until they became parents and fans got to know about their little family. Unfortunately the lovely couple got separated after the birth of their child. There’s more to know about the couple, so keep reading the article.


Kristin Grannis was born on January 4, 1977. She was born and brought up in America by her parents. Her father’s name is Richard Grannis, an American resident, however the details about her mother are unknown. Kristin is highly educated and pursuing her career as a qualified therapist, a marriage and family specialist. She is an American national and her ethnicity is Caucasian. Capricorn is her zodiac sign and her sexual orientation is straight. She is now single and the mother of a daughter with her ex boyfriend. If we talk about Kristin’s height, she is around 5 feet 8 inches tall. As per her birth date she is 52 years old at present. 

Net Worth

Kristin Grannis net worth is $3 million. The primary source of her earning is her profession as a therapist. However, she was also paid $1.69 million from her daughter’s father and her ex boyfriend Jamie. He provides them with a mini – mansion in Agoura hills, California. Kristin with her daughter Annalise Bishop lives in that house at present in Agoura Hills. 

Early life

Kristin was born in the United States of America. Her parents welcomed her on 4th January, 1977. Her early education was done there. However for her graduation she chose University of California from where she completed her master’s in arts. Kristin’s dedication towards her education is really a thing to appreciate. In the early 2000s when she met Jamie Foxx, her dating life started. She was doing a job at that point. However she needed to quit the job when they got to know about their upcoming blessing, their daughter. 


Kristin Grannis probably had done her initial studies from America in any nearby institution. However the details about her early education are yet to be revealed.  She had done her higher studies from University of California where she graduated with master’s in arts. Kristin’s love for studies didn’t fade even after her graduation. She continued her education related to her current profession. At present Kristin is a highly qualified certified therapist. Her dedication towards her studies is really a thing to learn and appropriate.


Kristin is not married as per the sources. However she has a daughter named Annalise Bishop with Jamie Foxx, her ex boyfriend. Annalise was born in 2008. Kristin is a single mother, dedicating her life to raising her daughter. She gained custody of her daughter after separation with her ex. In the Agoura Hills, she resides with her daughter and parents. Moreover, she is also close to her father, Richard Grannis who has been supporting her through thick and thin.


Kristin is very secretive about her personal life. Thus it is hard to say if she is dating someone or not. However her relationship with Jamie Foxx is a strong reason she came into the limelight. They dated for a while in the early 2000s and later became parents welcoming a daughter into their family. For some unknown reason, the couple parted their ways after becoming parents. They decided to not make a fuss out of their separation, so they didn’t provide any freshly baked topic to netizens and separated ways in utmost secrecy.

Kristin’s ex, Jamie Foxx has another daughter Corinne Foxx from his past relationship. He is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. His talent and outstanding performances in various platforms had taken him to remarkable heights of success. His notable work includes ‘Ray’ in 2005 where his performance brought him many prestigious awards like Academy award, golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award and many more. 


Kristin Grannis is enjoying a very bright career being a highly educated therapist in Agoura Hills, California. She is a certified therapist, specialized in family and marriage. She helps her patients fighting with mental challenges such as depression, anxiety and relationship problems which is very common nowadays. Before starting a career as a therapist, Kristin was working in public relations. That was before she knew she was pregnant with her ex. However after the good news she decided to quit her previous job. 

Social Media

Kristin doesn’t run a social media page as she likes to enjoy her life in peace and secrecy.