Delilah Fishburne is famously known as the daughter of legendary Hollywood celebrities Laurance Fishburne and Gina Torres. Delilah was born on 16th june 2007 in Los Angeles, California. Being daughter of celebrity parents it was natural for Delilah to make a place for her in Hollywood too. However initially her parents were against it and kept her away from the glamor world. But it seems that destiny had some other plans. Keep on reading the article to know what turn Delilah’s life took later and what she is doing now. 

Age, Birthdate, Height, Weight, Nationality, Ethnicity 

Delilah Fishburne was born in 2007 on 16th june. Her parents are well known actors of Hollywood industry. Laurence Fishburne, Delilah’s father. He is a celebrity actor, director, producer and playwright. Delilah’s mother Gina Torres, a famous American actress. They were in Los Angeles, California when Delilah was born. However, the couple is separated and no longer together. As of 2024, Delilah is 16 years old. At present she is living in America with her parents and pursuing her career as an actress. 

As an American born her nationality is American. Delilah’s ethnicity on the other hand is Afro- American. She follows Christianity and her sexual orientation is straight. She has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weights near 55 kgs. You can notice in photographs that she is a young beautiful lady with black hair and eye color. She is a Gemini. Delilah is not the only child of her father. She has  other siblings from his previous relationship. By following her parents footsteps, she is also struggling to become an actress. 

Net Worth

Delilah Fishburne is still a fresher in her acting career. Meanwhile her parents have an attractive network. Her father Lawrence Fishburne has a network count of $22 million and her mother $2 million approx. 

Early life

Delilah Fishburne was born on 15th June, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Though her birth date is yet to be officially announced. Delilah was in the news even before her birth. Due to her parents her birth has always been a topic of interest for the fans of her parents. However, in the early years of her life, Delilah’s parents, Lawrence and Gina were quite secretive about her life. As a result it is very difficult to know anything about her early life and primary studies. 

Every celebrity parents want to bring their children to the limelight to ensure a smooth entry in the industry. However, Delilah’s parents did the total opposite. It’s definite that they had their own reasons. To protect her privacy and childhood from the toxicity of the news media, they might have taken such a step. 


Delilah’s early life is still a mystery. However as an American born, it’s quite certain that she had completed her primary education from American schools. Further information about her education is still to be updated. Delilah is 16 years old and pursuing her career as an actress. It’s possible that she is enrolled in acting school as she is a beginner and still in the learning phase. 


Delilah’s family is her mother Gina Torres and father Lawrence Fishburne. Sadly, her parents are no longer together and Gina got custody of their daughter. However, the couple love Delilah equally. Their separation didn’t leave any gap in her upbringing. Besides her parents, Delilah also has 2 half siblings from her father’s previous relationship. The name of her half sister is Montana Fishburne and half brother is Langston Fishburne. Moreover, Delilah’s grandparents from father ‘s side are Lawrence John Fishburne jr and Hattie Bell Crawford Fishburne. 


Delilah Fishburne is single. There is no source that confirms that she is in a relationship. 

Delilah’s parents were together for a long 15 years. Before getting married, the power couple dated for a while. Atlast in 2002, on 22 nd September, they became one and started their married life. The couple were together for a few more years even after Delilah’s birth. Unfortunately in 2017 they decided to get separated and successfully got divorced in 2018. 


Delilah has just started her career in acting and still in the process of learning. Everyone is looking forward to her and wishing for her success like her parents. Delilah’s parents both are big names in Hollywood. Besides being an actor her father also plays the role of a director, producer and playwright. He is well known for his character Morpheus in the sci-fi movie, The Matrix Trilogy. Moreover, he has done many more notable works and was also once a nominee for Academy Award.

Delilah’s mother Gina Torres is also a famous Hollywood celebrity. Her work with Chris Rock in the rom-com movie, ” I think I love my wife” is one of her best works. 

Delilah is also supposed to make her parents proud with her works in the coming years.